15 Modern Bathroom Glass Interior Wall Design Ideas

Bathroom Glass Ideas – Are you looking for an option to give your bathroom a new look without having to renovate everything? A simple and effective way to change the look of a bathroom is just to add or replace shower doors or new baths. This will change the look of your bathroom. The glass door will give your bathroom a modern and stylish change. Regardless of how it looks, it will reduce water splashes throughout your bathroom. So, less area to clean!

But before you start planning your bathroom budget and renovation, think about how you really want your bathroom to look. To help you, we have arranged several different glass door styles to choose from. Get some ideas before you start this change.

Alternative Finishes

Teak Floor Feature

For an impressive bathroom, consider using alternative materials. Teak wood floor tiles, corrugated aluminum walls or colored glass doors make for a very unique shower idea.

Many homeowners are looking for contemporary bathroom ideas to create the bathroom of their dreams. Regardless of what inspiration you take, remember to choose the best quality material you can afford, and make your bathroom simple and uncluttered.

Traditional White-Framed Windows Wrapping Around Bathtub

Bathroom Window

I really like this bathroom window. I love the white-framed windows and the fact that there are so many around the bathtub. Look at how much light they leave in this bathroom.

Mixing Tiles


Give your bathroom a special look by combining patterns and tiles. This adds layers and texture to your room.

Arched Windows Flanking Bathtub

Bathroom Window Ideas

If you like the Mediterranean style, curved windows provide it in this bathroom.

His and Hers


Many houses have closets and sinks in their bathrooms. Take this idea one step further and make the bathroom a memorable place by installing the shower head.

Ship-Style Round Window with Wooden Frame

Bathroom Window Idea

For the theme of the ship, choose a round bathroom window.

Shower Lighting

Light Feature

Lighting is an overlooked bathroom feature, but it is the most important thing in the bathroom. The best part of adding lighting to your shower area is that it can be cheap.

When thinking about how and where to add lighting, consider where you want to highlight and what mood you want to set. For example, you can try a light sweep on this beautiful tile wall. Some showers even have built-in LED lights that look beautiful.

Skylight Windows in Attic Bathroom

Bathrooms With A Window 870x579

Skylights are an excellent bathroom lighting option although in this case I’m not sure they provide much privacy unless this room is the tallest building around.

Shower Seating

Feature Shot

The most sought after bathroom today is a room that creates the impression of a spa room. A built-in sitting area adds a finishing touch to this spa shower. If you don’t want to commit to making a built-in shower stool, add a simple teak or waterproof bench for your shower.

Floor-to-Ceiling Framed Window Spanning Full Wall Next to Tub

Bathrooms With A Window George Daniel Wittman Architects Mercer Island

This is a very unusual bathroom window that stretches to the ceiling with the entire width of one wall next to the bathtub .

Colorful Shower


There are times when the bathroom is clean white and crisp feels a bit dead and cold. Don’t be afraid to embed your shower with a bright color. A wide selection of tiles and finishing touches available in rich and saturated colors make the colorful bathroom something that is not difficult.

Classic 3-Frame Window Next to Bathtub

Bathrooms With A Window Miller And Miller Hobson Road

If possible, placing a window next to the tub is a pretty good touch. In this case you can say there is enough privacy that this window does not need to wear curtains.

Focal Wall

Focal Wall

The latest bathroom trends involve the use of focused walls. Homeowners often make large investments in beautiful equipment. the bold shower wall draws attention to all the beautiful details in this bathroom.

Large Window with Roll-Down Blinds

Bathrooms With A Window 870x491

Every bathroom window can be made private with all types needed. This bathroom uses a roll curtain that is not as easy as ordinary curtains.

Pair of Corner Windows with Blinds Wrapping Around the Tub

Bathrooms With A Window Krista Watterworth Coastal Contemporary

I like the appearance of this simple window. White-framed windows with white blinds framed like free standing.