12 Creative DIY Hanging Towel Storage Designs Ideas For Bathroom

Bathroom Towel Stroage – Towel storage in the bathroom seems to be less important for most people. In fact, paying attention to the details of this one gives additional value to your bathroom. Are you looking for a bathroom that has inspiring towel storage? Be prepared to be inspired because you will find cool towel storage ideas.

There are many choices for storing towels in your bathroom, from rustic pallet shelves to neat linen storage for perfection. Look at the inspiration of towel storage below!

A Drying Rack for Storing Towels

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One way to store towels in the bathroom is to hang them. Even though this might not be feasible for some people haven’t calculated it yet. Some towels can be stored just by hanging them in your bathroom and this makes it easier to use. Towel racks can be installed along the wall with towels not in your bathroom.

Open Shelves Over the Toilet

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Open-concept shelves are always a good idea for small spaces. Without using too much furniture, you can organize your things and make small rooms at once.

Storage above the toilet is best when combined with a large mirror bordering this rustic style. Add a few small plants to give a natural accent to your room. The wooden shelf in this bathroom looks in contrast with the white wall scheme and the white shower curtain.

Hanging Wooden Rope Towel Ladder


Add a little forest talent to your bathroom and save your space in the process with this genius hanging rack.

A Basket Full of Towels

A Basket Full of Towels

Other places can include several shelves above the toilet or even just put a towel basket near your bathroom shower area. These are all the best ways to store towels without looking out if placed and add an elegant touch to your bathroom.

Bathroom Towel Storage Over Toilet

Bathroom Towel Storage Over Toilet

With a ground color scheme, this storage cabinet is suitable for your contemporary bathroom or farmhouse. This is an amazing bathroom towel storage idea that will surprise your bathroom.

Metal Bathroom Shelf

Zoom Stella Metal Bathroom Shelf

A very stylish place to put pieces and change towels in your bathroom.

Shelf for Towels Beside Tub

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It might not seem like much space to store towels in your bathroom and this is especially true if your bathroom is much smaller. However, there is some space to store towels in each bathroom. Look above the bathroom door or the blank wall. There may be room to have a rack specifically installed for towel storage.

Smart Closet Storage for Linen

Towel Storage Bathroom

The idea of ​​a bathroom cabinet can be realized with a smart closet for linen storage. Get the best from the bathroom space with a hidden cupboard that will help organize your personal items ranging from towels, cosmetics, lipstick, and many others.

Dont worry! It takes up less space in your bathroom. Coming along with a bathroom cabinet, a closet is a versatile piece of furniture that you must have in your home.

Heated Towel Rail


For those who like a little luxury in the bathroom, you won’t go wrong with a heated towel rack.

Ladder Towel Storage Ideas

Towel Storage Ideas Decorsnob

A wooden ladder with towels laid intermittently on it while they are half folded will be amazing in one corner of your bathroom. See how the stairs have been used to organize your bathroom while serving important storage purposes.

Classy Towel Rack for Master Bathroom

Diy Towel Storage For Small Bathroom

Your main bathroom must receive classy details including towel storage. The following bathroom towel storage comes with a classy design made of wood.

Flat Pack Bathroom Shelf


This idea not only keeps your towel perfectly folded, but also saves plants and beetles in one very practical place in your bathroom. You might even be tempted to put all your plants in place to create a pleasant vertical garden and leave a towel in your closet!