17 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas That Will Inspire You to be Bold

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas – Wallpaper is the best way to change your room, because it takes up space that can be used, but immediately injects a personal style in your room. This makes the wallpaper very suitable for your bathroom, where space tends to be limited and functionality is very necessary (maybe more than other rooms in your house, except the kitchen, maybe). And you don’t need a ton of natural light for wallpaper to be truly visible, so you can be brave even in low-lit or lackluster bathrooms. To get inspired, keep reading for some very fun bathroom wallpaper ideas and design tips.

Swirls of Marble

Swirls of Marble

This is proof that you don’t need to completely redo your bathroom to make it feel fresh and beautiful. This designer makes the retro sink feel new again by adding a beautiful marble effect wallpaper. Original Wainscoting was painted in Farrow & Ball’s Plummet, which complements paper and makes this powder room feel more formal.

Forest Inspired

Fall Colors Room Decor Inspiration

This forest-designed wallpaper revives California’s powder retreat room which makes the bathroom very comfortable when used.

A Ceiling Statement

A Ceiling Statement

Why stick to the wall when you can make a more shocking style statement on the ceiling? From eye-catching eagle vanity to blue and brown-framed mirrors, this bathroom doesn’t hold back. With birds and butterflies flying on the ceiling wallpaper for unexpected light contrast with the seriousness of other design elements.

Charming Pattern


In the main bathroom of the charming and fresh Lorry Newhouse cottage, the mirror is next to Waterworks, and the wallpaper is in Rose Cumming.

Timeless Black and White Toile

Timeless Black And White Toile

Turn all eyes to the statement that shows the destruction of your main bathroom by framing the surrounding walls in complementary patterns. In this classic space, traditional toilets give a fantastic touch to a striking, modern and geometric shower.

Antique Floral

Edbath Katieridder Xln

It takes a lot of guts to make it big with this wallpaper, but antique paper makes a statement as big as a pattern for this bathroom. This sink is specially made, and is flanked by sconces.

Springtime Flower Power

Springtime Flower Power

This powder room is a jolly spring symbolized. He refreshed the bathroom space by covering the walls in his Greta Wallpaper. Flip chairs add a nice pop that attaches to the flower theme while bringing some very interesting new colors. If you decide to bring wallpaper to a small room or with a tap, make sure you are well ventilated.

Bold Jungle


The walls of the powder room in this apartment are covered with a dense forest pattern that evokes Rousseau.

Smart Storage and Character

Brooklyn Heights Townhouse

Fun, cheerful, and sweet, this small bathroom Design was in Brooklyn Brownstone in the 1840s. “For the most part, the house has not been renovated yet, and our office was hired to modernize it while maintaining and recreating the details and character of the period. Architectural details are based on original designs, and great care is taken to create new homes with quality historic characters throughout this room.

Fish Walls


In this East Hampton bathroom fish float along the bathroom wall in wallpaper by Cole & Son.

Formal With a Playful Twist

Formal With A Playful Twist

This powder room is not afraid to have fun. With bright colors and botanical patterns, de Gournay’s monkey-printed wallpaper infuses the entire bathroom. Door decoration pulls out the blues while brass sinks and fittings express a sense of sophistication for adults.

Statement Pineapples


Toile With a Twist

11 Rbd Noe Valley Parisian Atelier Powder Room

If in doubt, add a statement wall to your room. In this space the accent walls are covered with classic toile patterns for a timeless and light atmosphere. The transition mirror about the small sink, colorful hand towels and geometric light make this powder room feel complete and comfortable.



The guest bathroom in this Los Angeles house comes alive with special wallpaper.

DIY Wallpaper

Leanne Shay

Instead of wanting to spend a lot of money on wallpaper. Encourage the walls of your bathroom and treat it like a canvas for your collage project by putting up old adverts or magazine posters. In this vintage bathroom magazine scrap plays a retro feel of tiles.

Colorful Butterflies


In this Soho apartment a powder room displays a very beautiful turquoise butterfly wallpaper.

Leafy Print


The walls in the apartment’s main bathroom are lined with leaf-colored Cole & Son wallpapers, available through Lee Jofa.