15 Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas To Reflect Your Style

Bathroom Mirror Ideas – looking in the mirror can be an important part of your daily routine. And while we can all agree that beauty starts from within, we certainly don’t mind any help we can get to look and feel the best of the ordinary. That’s why we’re always looking for some bathroom mirror ideas – you can think of it as an investment in how you see yourself. For something you spend with a healthy amount of time staring every day, you can spend more time making sure you choose the best. It’s worth it, and you deserve it.

How can you get the most out of your bathroom mirror? Finding and feeling the best involves a variety of factors, but it all starts when you wake up from your sleep. If you are like me, the first thing you see when you look in the morning may not be your favorite picture at the time. So, for starters, a neat mirror can help your bathroom vanity give you confidence to start your activities. Need Monday morning or maybe a moment of reflection? Regardless of your routine, the right bathroom mirror will frame the conversation in style.

From minimal to ornate, round to rectangular, antique to modern, and everything in between, the possibilities are endless according to how you want to see yourself.

The Mirrored Wall

The Mirrored Wall

Mirror does not have to be guaranteed to be a sink area in your bathroom. Make a little gem book but cover all the walls of the room with a mirror. This will also make the bathroom feel bigger than it really is.

Minimalist Mirrors

Elizabeth Roberts Brooklyn Home

For this contemporary bathroom, you want a mirror that fits a sleek design. Use a basic shape that is borderless or has a thinner border.

The Light-Up Mirror

Bathroom Mirror Ideas Aexandra Rowley Studiodb Onevandam

Velvet benches and bright mirrors make application easier and more stylish in this space. This one emits light gently – perfecting your daily light. So, if your space allows, just add a dressing table and hanging mirror.

Antique Mirrors

Hernandez Greene Sagaponack

Mirror is one part that looks better as you age. Skip the fresh work of the factory and find vintage or antique mirrors that are full of charm, history and some beautiful imperfections.

The Avant Garde Mirror

Bathroom Ideas Trevor Mein Hecker Guthrie Flinders

Instead of carrying a striking golden mirror, this designer piled two round without frames for a unique design. Likewise, they chose modern, artful lighting. This allows us to focus more on the real statement: carved metal and red marble sink. Dark wood details and wall panels also present a sense of grit that descends to earth, inspired by nature without covering this entire space.

Sculptural Mirrors

Modern Bathroom Thad Hayes Inc Boston Massachusetts

Make the mirror the focal point of your room by choosing unusual shapes or carved frames. An interesting part of this statement will also multiply as a work of art in your bathroom.

The Hanging Mirror

Bathroom Mirror Ideas 06 Upstate Farmhouse By Chango Co Powder Bathroom

Hanging mirror has a moment in the world of design. There is something about them that feels fun and stylish but is very easy to happen. In this bathroom the school sink and red bench and candle stand add to the vibe of this contemporary farmhouse.

Mirrored Wall

Contemporary Bathroom N A New York New York

Flooded by various shapes, sizes, and frames? Ignore the decision and reflect the entire wall of this room. Your bathroom will feel bigger and brighter.

The Sideways Kid-Friendly Mirror

The Sideways Kid Friendly Mirror

If you like playing with shapes and changing design compositions, take notes from this bathroom. The side oval mirror is also placed lower on the wall, which makes it kid-friendly and looks attractive.

Double Mirrors

Monica Wang Photo

This double vanity asked the bathroom to use two mirrors. Hang one above each sink to add symmetry to this space. You can also hang two mirrors above a single long sink to give the wall more impact without reflecting it.

The Window Treatment Mirror

The Window Treatment Mirror

Don’t leave too many windows and insufficient wall space stopping you from looking at yourself in the mirror. But really, make a note of this unique space and secure the mirror above the sink in front of the window. Then the alley closes at the midpoint of the window for a visually appealing approach. This will ensure privacy, but also keep things interesting.

The Mirror Cabinet

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

When you lack storage in the bathroom, a mirror cabinet above the sink is the best way. In this neat bathroom farmhouse, the rural mirror cabinet blends in more easily.

The Double Sink, Single Mirror

Bathroom Ideas Felix Forest Arentpyke Harbourside

Just because you have two sinks doesn’t mean you have to have a double mirror. Break the symmetry with one mirror that runs from one end of the dressing table to the next. If there is a cabinet hidden behind a mirror, even better, because one large mirror will double the storage space.

The Folded Corner Mirror

Bathroom Ideas 2lgstudio Project Name Year Image

We love the dramatic pink gum moment, using a one-tone color scheme will make things easier during the design process.

The Full Bleed Mirror

Bathroom Ideas Arent Pyke Tom Ferguson

Materials such as stone and brick add a lot of dimensions to this small bathroom, using your walls is needed to communicate style.