20+ Awesome Accent Wall Ideas You Can Create on a Budget

Painting rooms is one of the most affordable ways to create a big spark in the redesign of your home. If there is a paint color that you are considering, but you are worried it might be too bold for the entire room, consider using that paint color for the accent walls of your room. Accent walls are not only visually appealing, but they can also help you limit parts of your space. If you are considering using accent walls, don’t do it yourself. Follow our guide.

White Molding And Trims

accent wall white molding


If your wall is decorated or decorated, give this color when painting the accent walls of your room. And always leave white mold and trim. This is a sharp look for any room, and mounted on a white border, your new accent wall will make a greater impact.

Dont Leave Your Accent Wall Black

accent wall wooden oars

If your accent wall is the main attraction, make sure you decorate this wall with decorations, like any other room in your home. If you want to hang some artwork, place it in a white frame, so that it will stick to the color you have chosen.

Pick A Color Based On your Room

accent wall bedroom

When you choose accent colors, make sure you are careful about the room you are painting. While common areas can maintain brighter and bolder colors, you will want a softer neutral color for the bedroom. If you want to provide wall accents in your bedroom, choose a light gray color, or other neutral colors, so that your sleep will not be disturbed.


home library gold ceiling

When you feel you are running out of surfaces to decorate, consider adding a ceiling to your room. Technically this is not an accent wall, but most can function in the same way, so follow the same instructions that we have described here.

Get A Comfortable Reading Chair

theo show reading chair

Reading is a solo effort, and your reading room must reflect this. Whereas you may have a matching chair in the corner of the conversation, you must distinguish the reading chair from the rest of your home furniture, and it must be a one-time piece. You don’t want something that will distract from the rest of your furniture, but a piece of vintage statement can be very effective when completing parts of your home.

Place Your Chair Away From High-Traffic Areas

reading space seperate from house

With all the distractions that surround us, it may be difficult to find headroom to focus on this part of the book. When creating a reading room in your home, try to eliminate as much interference as possible, and that includes others. Even though the living room might seem like the obvious choice, consider putting a chair in the bedroom, away from the distractions of your household.

Get The Right Lighting

task lighting reading chair

Having the right lighting is the key to completing several readings in your room. Obviously you should be able to see the words on the page, but you don’t want the light to be too bright. To get the right mix, have a little ambient lighting for your reading room, combined with a single task light.

Create With Paint

Create With Paint

You could just slap one thick color on the accent wall and call it a day – but why do you do it when there’s more you can do with paint? Lines, circles, chevrons, or herringbones are all on-point style choices. What you need to make very good accent walls is paint, painter tape, pencils, and levels.

Work With What You’ve Got

Work With What You’ve Got

Before deciding what should be your home accent wall, look at the architectural elements of your home. If you have a fireplace, you already have an accent wall. All you need to do is renovate. Built-in colors, panels, stones or bookshelves are a great way to draw attention to the focal point.

Feature Wall Ideas for Living Room: Display Your Snaps

Feature Wall Ideas for Living Room: Display Your Snaps

Say hello to all the photos that you have saved on your hard drive or home phone. Photo collage walls are the perfect way to share and relive your precious memories while creating an imitation accent wall. To make your collage not look old, choose two or three complementary frame colors and mix textures and sizes. Place your frame on the floor and adjust it until you are happy, then repeat the arrangement on the wall of your room.

Build a Showcase Wall

Build a Showcase Wall!

This built-in entertainment center combines the simplicity of architecture with a splash of colors to make it stand out. To make a showstopper from this bookshelf in your home, see full DIY instructions on how to make it.

Add Warmth With Wood

Add Warmth With Wood

From sleek to rustic, wood is the perfect accent wall material because it immediately warms up any space in your home. Be sure to paint the remaining walls in your room with colors that carry the same tone as wood for a uniform look and look very beautiful.

Display Your Heirlooms

Display Your Heirlooms

If you are wondering what you have to do with Grandma’s old porcelain just sitting in the box, here it is. Plates, silver and porcelain plates of all shapes, sizes and colors can create very unique accent walls. The dining room and kitchen are natural places for this look, but can be used in any area of your home.

Master Bedroom Accent Wall Wallpaper

Master Bedroom Accent Wall Wallpaper

Another classic that makes a big comeback is the accent wall wallpaper. With the advent of applications that are easy to apply, and even easier to remove wallpaper, you can create accent walls without commitment in the long run. The key here is to keep it in one wall, to avoid feeling closed.

Stunning Stone

accent wall ideas

For do-it-yourself medium-sized handyperson, this amazing stone accent wall is a perfect project. The exterior stone veneer in this indoor space complements industrial, cottage or rustic decor and the beauty speaks for itself.

Natural Brick

natural brick

Exposed brick has long been a material for wall accents desirable in attics and old buildings. Brick veneers have come a long way and are available in almost all styles from modern to antique for a fraction of the price of authentic goods.

Modern Accent Wall Stick-On Style

Modern Accent Wall Stick On Style

Quotes, trees and city views dominate the easy and inexpensive decoration choices in this room. With thousands of options to choose from, as well as special options, you will definitely find something that suits your space style.

Paneled Panache

paneled Panache

With a few MDF sheets and a little money, you can create an elegant and quiet accent wall for the bedroom. This treatment adds a luxurious element to your space and is the perfect background for your headboard.

Grey Wallpaper


Wallpaper used as an abbreviation for old, worn, and peeling patterns in the living room of your grandma’s house. But there are a number of contemporary wallpaper alternatives that are currently available. When choosing wallpaper, make sure you choose a wallpaper that is suitable for your accent wall.

Wood wall accent ideas

Accent Walls Ideas To Choose From homesthetics

Wood is the material most often used in the same construction, furniture building and interior decoration. It offers a rich texture, vibrant tone makes you fall in love in an instant.