16 Inspirasi White Kitchens That Look Like Design Heaven

Kitchen White Ideas – White kitchen is classic. They are bright, clean, and don’t require a lot of stress color decisions when decorating (because literally, everything is white). And if you’re worried that white kitchens might be boring to you, these examples will convince you otherwise. We highlight some really cool white kitchens to inspire any upcoming renovations and / or Pinterest boards that need new updates. Whatever your interior design style, you will find a beautiful and clean white kitchen to dream of below.

Hide Appliances

Appliances Kitchen

This oval island has open shelves at each end for easy access to the collection of iron stones. Hidden equipment, including dishwashers and paneled fridges, feels more comfortable than ordinary stainless steel.

Farmhouse Fresh

White Kitchen Whealon Veranda

This designer accents the all-white kitchen with rich wood, such as chairs from the Fair and reclaimed antique chestnut floors. Roman colors on Kravet fabric with Claremont trim add to the softness of this kitchen. Wimborne White’s painted ceilings make this kitchen cozy and beautiful.

Rustic White Kitchen

Wood Accent

Large space may be the center of attention, but a bare wooden hole immediately attracts the attention of your room. White and rustic kitchen style is very suitable.

The natural color of the vents and the floor looks warm and soft against a white background. Meanwhile, the white cabinet gives a pure classic white look that will never go out of style.

Put Some Pattern In Your Floor

Paint Kitchen

Keep the cabinets and walls all white and get the dimensions from your floor. Choose patterns in neutral colors if you don’t want to attract too much attention in your room.

Dine-In Design

White Kitchen Bolander Palm Beach Veranda

In their home on West Palm Beach, the designer created a dining kitchen equipped with a 19th-century English oak dining table and bamboo chairs. Belgian Soapstone counters and reclaimed floor boards from Austria give an old world feel to this modern white kitchen.

Patterned Tiles

Patterned Floor

This white kitchen is known as the most popular choice when homeowners choose to remodel their old kitchens. Because white is pure and neutral. But all-white kitchen might make you or guests who come can be boring. To give a strong character to the white kitchen, installing patterned tiles like this is very successful. They were the center of attention, but they didn’t completely steal the beautiful and comfortable white backsplash dance floor.

All White Everything

Celerie Kemble Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, use white for a brighter and quiet place. Tiled walls, brass hardware, and milk glass chandeliers make it feel less monochromatic in this kitchen.

Uplifting Blue Accents

White Kitchen Braff New York Veranda

The designer expands this Long Island kitchen with a sea of ​​white renewals: white cabinets, white double ranges from BlueStar, Danby thick marble countertop on the octagonal island. Aqua ceilings plus blue patterned walls and matching Roman colors from the Braff textile collection visually expand space by pulling your eyes up.

Choose One Contrasting Color

White Kitchens Reid Rolls Leanne Paris

With a background of all-white, red accents in the designer kitchen looks floating in the air.

Mixed MaterialsMixed Material White Kitchen Design Idea

Modern style kitchens are often characterized by simple designs, while white is the perfect color to have a timeless look. Combining these two elements, you will end up with a good kitchen interior design. In addition, white absorbs more light than darker colors.

Opt for Texture-rich Materials

White Kitchens Shannon Mcgrath Robson Rak

In this kitchen, the neutral color scheme is far from boring thanks to the rich ingredients of the texture. From marble counters to white paneled walls, stone tiled floors, black pendants, and wood grain islands, there are many things that are pleasing to the eye while in this kitchen.

Open Shelving Cabinet

Open Shelving White Kitchen Cabinet

You have to realize that white is the most popular choice for residential paint, especially the kitchen area. The kitchen is where you will spend most of your time cutting ingredients, making cakes or washing dishes.

Being In Greenery

White Kitchens Devol Ideas

Hang the garden above the kitchen island to liven up your white space. In this kitchen, there are also framed art pieces featuring plants to further highlight the theme.

Keep It Unfinished

Williamsburg Schoolhouse Kitchen

Open brick walls add a more relaxed feel to this kitchen. Instead of covering or perfecting it, let your original architectural details stand out in your kitchen.

Contrast Your CabinetsThis all-white bright

White Kitchens Tomtebogatan Ha A G Layess

kitchen can be a bit dazzling and flashy – especially the small one. Painting your cabinet with a neutral neutral color that will retain rather than the bright and open sense of the white color scheme while bringing dimension and personality to your kitchen.

Hang Fun Lighting

Hang Fun Lighting

In this kitchen, bronze pendant lights carry youthful energy. They pair up well with kitchen bar stools tucked beneath the island while also contrasting with cream trim and glossy white subway tile tiles.