15 Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Create an Al Fresco Oasis

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – If you have space in your yard, try to check the design of the outdoor kitchen complete with bar, seating area, storage, and grills. For smaller spaces, try one of the projects with just a sink and a preparation table for you to put the finishing touches on food or mix your drinks. If you are worried about protecting a new project from the elements in your kitchen, this list has a very interesting outdoor kitchen idea with windows and roofs open and permanent; You can enjoy it in all weather! Some of these kitchens have fun features that will make your yard unique like a fire pit and pizza oven. All your neighbors want to come for barbecue in your home!

Chalkboard Backsplash

Fall Decorating Entertaining With Gourds Ryanbenoitphoto Thehorticult

This free standing outdoor kitchen unit, built on wheels so you can easily move it where you want. The giant blackboard wall is the perfect place to write menus and lists to do while in this kitchen.

Blend In With the Surroundings

Blend In With The Surroundings

To blend into the natural landscape in your backyard, create a rural kitchen oasis with a wooden counter and items found around you. Take notes from this outdoor kitchen instead of modern ice crates, use cans like these retro-looking pieces and wooden boxes as side tables.

Backyard Refrigerated Drawers

Outdoor Refrigerated Drawers Chicago

Hidden in this little Chicago backyard, this outdoor kitchen arrangement proves you don’t need a lot of outside space for a functional and stylish kitchen. The two stacked refrigerator doors make beer and other drinks ready to be stored.

Incorporate Metallic Details

Incorporate Metallic Details

If you avoid copper for fear that the color will turn green, we hear you, but there is a solution. Treat with varnish first and that will prevent weathering. Then, add runners for warmth, color, and patterns, as is done in this outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

This is not a large kitchen, but this mission-style fireplace, complete with antique Spanish tiles is the perfect place for families to gather and bake s’mores.

Use Marble and Stained Oak

Use Marble And Stained Oak

The stained oak ceiling warms the stainless steel cupboard in this outdoor kitchen. The best part? A metal drop-down gate protects your kitchen equipment from rain. Then, for a more sophisticated aesthetic, add marble islands and backsplash to this outdoor kitchen.

DIY Grill Station

DIY Grill Station

Feel ambition? You can build your own outdoor kitchen space from a pile of DIY wood and stone structures in less than two weeks.

Don’t Forget a Bar

Don't Forget A Bar

Optimize your outdoor kitchen to entertain by making the counter feel like a real bar. Modern bar stools, attractive tile designs, and hidden preparation tables outside the island will help your kitchen become a bar. When you are entertaining, style your table with large floral patterns.

Patio Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

An interesting and beautiful sign makes a statement about this sleek outdoor kitchen; Bright red chairs add a tinge of color in this outdoor kitchen.

Channel the Italian Countryside

Hbx Natural Outdoor Kitchen De

Instead of seeing an outside kitchen as an extra, make it complete with a grill, sink, pizza oven, and fridge. The u-shaped layout helps you switch from hot to cold, with a grill on the left to two refrigerator drawers and an ice maker on the right in this outdoor kitchen.

Repurposed Pallet Outdoor Kitchen

Repurposed Pallet Outdoor Kitchen

Vibration nail of a farmhouse with a comfortable and indag kitchen corner, made entirely from recycled wooden pallets.

Convert Your Rooftop

Convert Your Rooftop

When the designer craves outdoor space, kitchen and dining room, he must find an alternative location. Think outside the backyard and turn your roof into a beautiful cooking place. You won’t mind working on a hot grill when you have a look like this one,

Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven Outdoor Kitchen Idea

If there is one thing that your family can never be full of, we will bet safely for pizza food. Make summer Friday even more special by preparing your own savory pies in your backyard.

Pair Shutters and Tropical Plants

Cypress Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen cabinet is made of old pine leaves. A look that is suitable for this coastal style room or farmhouse. Combine tropical plants and floral motifs to truly fit into the holiday mindset in this outdoor kitchen.

Choose An Unexpected Anchor Color

Atlantic Byron Bay

This black outdoor kitchen feels very sleek, sexy, and modern. In order not to look too formal and let the sun peek, give a roof that has a roof, like this one. Then hit a golden design with a dining corner adjacent to a butterfly leather chair and a built-in banquet.