16 Creative Ideas for Bedroom Wall Decor

Bedroom Wall Ideas – You want to change your bedroom – what’s the first thing you do? You might try to find out how to hang the colossal flat screen TV right across your bed. Stop doing all that! It’s time to think outside the box. Your space should be a shelter – a comfortable and quiet bedroom where you sleep after a long day and wake up fresh like a daisy to start anew, and your bedroom’s walls deserve more than just electronics. Even better, there are so many choices for what to do with those walls, so you should apply the same care as when you choose a bed, nightstand, lighting, and rug. (We know – some of these decisions take 18 months. We are here to help you make things move a little faster!)

Let’s start with the style of decorating your bed: If your bedroom walls can talk, what do you want them to say about your aesthetics? Maybe you want to be a man or woman in a wall gallery. Consider combining some of your most valuable collections with new and old findings from the flea market. Are you known for making the guest rooms so cool and comfortable that your friends never want to leave? Apply that skill to all of your bedrooms. Do you like rich paint colors or soft stuffy in other parts of your house? There is no reason not to introduce them on your bedroom wall. No matter how you feel, we have some amazing bedroom wall decorating ideas ranging from rustic to romantic and painting to used wood for you.

Practical Bedroom Wall Additions

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Builtin Bedside Tables

In this California bedroom, reading sconces are mounted on floating shelves built on the wall as a smart space-saving solution. Made from 1800s wood, “nightstands” function as a perch for nighttime reading material and other decorative objects in this bedroom.

Add Some Vintage Posters

Add Some Vintage Posters

These vintage posters make a bold alternative to a headboard in this master bedroom. Because the room is very neutral, they also help add color to this space.

White on White Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas All White

In this very neutral bedroom (in this case, which includes walls, floors, ceilings, beds, and furniture), a piece of folk art of the same color on an iron bed carries a number of textures and flowers. right. (The intricate canvas in this room was created by a woman who is learning sewing.)

Mount Some Antlers

Mount Some Antlers

The horn can be a rustic, hipster, or even glam style depending on your style. Choose the metal version and pair it with jewel tones and you will be surprised how beautiful your bed looks.

Reclaimed Wood Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Display Collections

A valuable pair of guitars in this room are mounted on the mark of an old church that really sings on a depressed reclaimed wooden wall. The saved tin ceiling adds a vintage feel to this bedroom.

Paint A Pattern

Paint A Pattern

You don’t have to disturb walls that are painted and painted – instead, make a pattern in your room. You can cover the entire wall of your room for a greater impact, or limit the design to smaller parts.

Bedroom Accent Wall

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Bold Wallpaper Accent Wall

One accent wall covering a bold flower wallpaper is all that this bedroom needs – and proof that it has some benefits. In addition to creating a bold focal point, it also highlights the unique architectural features of this room.

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

You don’t need to confuse your bedroom walls with art – one medium to large hanging can still have an impact. Cool and beautiful, minimalist vibe for days.

Shingles on a Bedroom Wall

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Shingles

Usually provided for exterior use, shingle walls bring instant charm to this bedroom terrace. This rusty red color will not fade over time and will surely survive against pillow quarrels.

Prop Up A Ladder

Project Powell Gina Rachelle Design

Even though it’s not technically hanging on your wall, it’s still considered a wall art. Put a ladder on the wall for a rustic accent that is also useful for hanging towels, blankets or extra scarves in your room.

Shelf on a Bedroom Wall

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Art Ledge

Shallow shelves made by installing standard painted trims offer a smart and easy way to prop up artwork in this tiny bedroom.

Turn Your Wall Into A Mural

Static1 Squarespace

If your painting skills are lacking, please, ask someone else to do this for your bedroom. Or you can even try a cool and beautiful temporary wallpaper for your bedroom!

Book Pages on a Bedroom Wall

Bedroom Wall Ideas Book Pages

The pages of vintage books arranged in this simple box replace the less literary artwork on the carved wooden bed frame. Tip: Hang with double-sided tape for a clean and comfortable look.

DIY A Wooden Wall

Zach Caitlin Bedroom Makeover

Instead of spending a limited inch on mounting headboards, change the walls of your space into headboards, as is the case with the wooden walls of this statement.

Mirror, Mirror on the Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas Accent Wall With Mirrors

A single dark green accent wall in the master bedroom acts as a stunning backdrop for an eclectic mix of mirrors, artwork and shutters found in ancient sightseeing.

Go Bold With Wallpaper

Go Bold With Wallpaper

If you are afraid of making printed wallpapers, choose a neutral color for your bedroom. Your wall will still stand out, but your room will feel much lighter.